-Art In Public Places

This is an initiative of the Elora Arts Council. Its purpose is to enrich exterior and interior spaces in our community with the vibrancy and beauty of visual art.

Art in the Municipal Building

July to Mid-October


Jeff Collinson, Photographer

Autumn Leaves
French River
First Winter

"Looking deeply into the ordinary to uncover the extraordinary is my process. Through the use of context and composition I want to uncover the truths nature holds for the curious observer. In this series, I have selected images taken in Wellington County to expose the extraordinary aspects of the ever-present circulation of water. Water, clouds and ice enshrine the life force that permeates our world. Through the lens of a camera, I invite the viewer to join me in witnessing the extraordinary beauty of the cycle that is so fundamental in our lives. It is after all, just a way of seeing. And, in the end, magnificence may be a choice."


Art in the Lobby of Groves Memorial Hospital

Photography by


Morvern McNie

Underwater Huron Rock

When I take a photograph, I am fine-tuning my visual sense. A moment of light, the markings of a rock or, like the abandoned swimming pool in this collection, a natural scene invoking narrative can alert my eyes, but what holds my attention is my camera. Looking through my lens to confine what I see sharpens my understanding of detail. When I am composing and framing, I discover the nuances of form and design in everything that surrounds me. With this collection of photographs, I extend my sense of wonder and delight in the natural world to everyone from hospital staff to visitors to patients who might pass through or sit in this lobby. I hope these images invite you to see with renewed intention. Morvern McNie morvernmc@yahoo.ca


Art in the Day Surgery Corridor

A display of children's art

Youth Art from STUDIOHERE, Fergus
Curated by Meredith Blackmore



Art in the Boardrooms of the Fergus Sportsplex

July to Mid-October

Adult Students from StudioHere


Art In the Window Of Greg Oakes' Office, Geddes St., Elora


The Jewellery of

Beverley Bond

Chalcedony & Crystal Pendant


I have always had a love for jewelry and particularly liked unusual pieces, which were often hard to find. After hunting for many years for out of the ordinary jewelry without much luck, I decided to start making my own. Each piece is an original unique hand crafted design. Pieces are made with a variety of semi-precious stone, crystal and wire. I live in Elora and can be contacted at bond.beverly@wightman.ca



supported by artists and the entirely volunteer work of the Elora Arts Council for over 20 years