-Art In Public Places

This is an initiative of the Elora Arts Council. Its purpose is to enrich exterior and interior spaces in our community with the vibrancy and beauty of visual art.

Art in the Municipal Building

April to Late June

The Paintings of Elora Artist



The Spring Bluebells of Hythe, England.

TIM MURTON currently lives and works in Elora, Ontario, Canada. Born in Hythe, Kent, England, Tim emigrated to Canada armed with a B.Sc. in construction technology. After a relatively brief career in mining engineering field Tim started a completely new life as an artist. He enrolled at the Ontario College of Art and later studied in Florence and Paris. Tim's painting style ranges from impressionism to photo-realism, but his work is always inspired by the qualities of light.
Tim spent over 18 years in the Toronto film industry, accumulating scenic art credits on more than 40 feature films in Canada, US, England and New Zealand. He is now living his life's ambition as an independent fine artist. Tim's paintings have been exhibited at Toronto's Harbourfront Gallery, Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, The Harbinger Gallery, MacDonald Stewart Guelph, Art Gallery of Windsor, Karger Gallery, Elora Centre for the Arts and Chimaera Gallery, UK among others. His work is in many private collections throughout Canada, England, Europe and the U.S.


Art in the Lobby of Groves Memorial Hospital

Mid-April to Late June


Epoxy Resin Abstract Art

Casey Carriere


Casey was born and raised in beautiful Northern Ontario and currently resides in the charming village of Elora. She has been creating art and thinking outside the box for most of her life, but in 2015, to better process the heartbreak of her work with women experiencing homelessness and addictions, Casey chose to pursue art more seriously as a means of self-reflection and growth. Embracing the flow of her art, has allowed Casey to connect, accept and heal. Casey uses epoxy resin tinted with acrylics, oils, inks and pigments to create her work. Many of her pieces contain over four layers of tinted resin and take upwards of two weeks to complete. Her art is unique, vibrant and reveals a wonderful complexity and depth.

"The flow of my artwork helps me better embrace the flow of my life. I'm never quite sure how a piece will end up. The paint is controllable only to a point and even when I love how things are progressing, the details may just drift right off the side during the drying process. So, I start again. Mixing, layering, dripping and dribbling. The ebb and flow of the art further refined and made beautiful with flame. Fire is my paintbrush and reminds me often that the fires I'm dealing with in life, are the ones that most refine and beautify me."

caseycarriereart@gmail.com http://www.caseycarriere.com


Art in the Day Surgery Corridor

A display of art Ages 8-17

Youth Art from STUDIOHERE, Fergus
Curated by Meredith Blackmore


Art in the Boardrooms of the Fergus Sportsplex

April to Mid June

Abstract Paintings of

Amelia Kramer


Amelia is an abstract artist inspired by organic shapes and harmonious colours. Encaustic wax gives her the ability to build layers of colour and scrape back to reveal the random patterns present in the intuitive gestures of the paintbrush. In some cases, she may add a final tinted transparent layer revealing hints of the colours beneath. She plays with opacity and transparency in acrylic as well. It allows her to build up layers in compositions based on abstracted landscapes. While painting she comes in and out of focus on the music she’s listening to, then the physical act of painting itself, then the music, then the painting and this back-and-forth dance continues. Music is integral to her process. Her paintings become soulless if there is no music. Generally, she names her paintings after parts of song lyrics that evoke the emotion felt when caught in the middle of laying down stoke after stroke of the brush or brayer.

Elora Centre for the Arts, Unit 24B, 75 Melville Street, Elora, Ontario | http://www.ameliakraemer.com


Art In the Window Of Greg Oakes' Office, Geddes St., Elora



Mid April to Mid-May

Pottery of Staci Barron





supported by artists and the entirely volunteer work of the Elora Arts Council for over 20 years